Alvin's New Rochelle

Describe the sense of community you feel in the restaurant.

People give us credit for bringing a spark to downtown New Rochelle. There’s something special going on. All kinds of people come in with different backgrounds. We want to be an inclusive restaurant, like going to a friend’s home for dinner. When people go into the restaurant, it’s like they’ve met someone. By the time you leave, you feel like a friend.

We’ve hosted events for people celebrating weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, all religious ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries.

In what other ways does Alvin & Friends enhance New Rochelle?

We are an annual sponsor of New Rochelle’s ArtsFest. We’ve helped the high school chorus raise money for a trip to Europe by having the kids sing in the restaurant. On Teacher Appreciation Day we’ll send meals over. We work with HOPE kitchen as well.

But investing in community is like investing in ourselves. We try to help out as much as we can.

Prior to moving to New Rochelle, you were a restaurateur and model in Los Angeles. What brought you here?

My wife’s best friend had moved here. When we’d visit, we’d spend a day or two with her. We loved the community and had younger kids at the time. School was important, and we saw an article in Newsweek showing New Rochelle ranked in the top 4%. That was a selling point. We’re very happy. All three of our children went through the school system.

The community looks like what America should look like. It’s diverse and close to Manhattan. Very charming. The homes weren’t made in a factory, they have individuality. It’s a cool area.

Alvin & Friends

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