David's New Rochelle

Mesh Print Studios began as a screen-printing facility. How did you get involved with the art form?

I’ve always been interested in art, but took very few classes. As an English/History major I was looking at doing Teach for America, or going back to school for a PhD to become a doctor. But my heart wasn’t in that. I studied art history on my own and got interested in print as a medium and topic—going back to the Gutenberg press and even earlier, as a technology for information dissemination. Prints are powerful.

As a New Rochelle native, what are your goals for Mesh Print Studios and the community?

I see Mesh as a way to interact with the community. New Rochelle has an art history, and I want to carry it on with the millennial generation and art they’d be interested in.

I’m trying to turn the studio into a place to gather for music and art—I want to give it a makerspace feel with 3D printing and laser engraving. I want to give the Millennials of Westchester access to something they’d have to go to Brooklyn or Manhattan to get.

Mesh Print Studio

47 Potter Ave.
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