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    Congratulations to our #NewRoConnects contest winner!

    Mona Balgobin Portrait

    Meet Mona Balgobin, artist, creator and winner of a luxury studio apartment, rent free, for 1 year at One Clinton Park.

    My name is Mona Balgobin. I’m a Guyanese American, born and raised in The Bronx, NY. I now reside in New Rochelle, NY. I am a self-taught artist, dancer, actor, entrepreneur, and dog mom. My art journey began as a nail artist in middle school, using my creativity to raise funds for the NCCS (National Children’s Cancer Society) and The American Red Cross. Fast forward several years later, I’ve developed my art to be shared with others by painting on stretched canvas, wooden panels, furniture, glass bottles, outdoor restaurant seating, walls, and many more! My specialty includes working with molding paste, gold/silver leaf and acrylic paint to create dynamic, textured abstract pieces. I hope to bring a sense of peace, wonder, and freedom to all through my art.

    Mona Balgobin Portrait

    Aside from painting, I work in the beauty industry. You may have also seen me in commercial ads for Google, Lay’s, Walmart, and perhaps on a Time Square billboard. My hobbies include finding moments of peace through meditation at Hudson Park and Davenport Park and watching Bollywood movies with friends and family. I enjoy being in nature, connecting with others and having a good laugh.

    “My environment and the space I work in are very important to my creative process.”