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    New Rochelle Forward is a program presented by the City of New Rochelle in partnership with Soulful Synergy. This local and minority-focused vocational training program designed to build the capacity of individuals to effectively compete for the opportunities created by the unprecedented development boom in the City.

    Through this program we will provide certification courses, hands-on training, career readiness, case management and job placement services to community members at a training facility at 173 Huguenot St. We will also work with a network of partners to provide supportive services to our participants.


    Through this program, we will offer the following courses and certifications:

    Flagger (4 Hours)

    This course teaches participants about flagging on construction sites, including equipment, procedures, and safety processes.

    Supported Scaffold (4 Hours)

    This course meets the safety requirement necessary for an individual to use or work on a supported scaffold in NYC.

    OSHA 30 Construction Safety (30 Hours)

    This course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry and provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.

    Urban Handyperson (60 Hours)

    Soulful Synergy's signature curriculum, consisting of lectures and hands-on learning in four key areas of construction:

    - Worksite Safety, Linear Measurements, Framing & Insulation
    - Drywall, Taping, Compound & Sanding
    - Paint & Finish
    - Furniture & Appliances

    Site Safety Training (SST) courses,

    which are required to work on any New York City construction site. The SST Card consists of the following courses:

    Fall Prevention (8 Hours)

    This course is intended to educate workers on how to avoid accidents and injuries while working on roofs, leading edges, ladders, or scaffolds by defining the regulations and safety rules associated with fall hazards on construction sites.

    Drug and Alcohol Awareness (2 Hours)

    This course addresses substance and alcohol abuse and particularly focuses on educating workers on safety and productivity hazards created by the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.


    With its unparalleled location, superb quality of life, diverse and talented residents and a focused business climate, New Rochelle is experiencing the transformation of a generation. The city’s current economic development plan is impacting the entire Hudson Valley region, positioning the City as a model in embracing smart, transit-oriented development growth patterns that promote open space, its close proximity to New York City and opportunities for diverse businesses to succeed in the current economic climate. Accelerated by a new, fast-track zoning process along with resources for small businesses and micro-enterprises, the redevelopment efforts are enhancing the downtown area by supporting job creation, property values and private investment – while enhancing sustainability and livability through green and energy-efficient design.


    Founded in 2013 by a New Rochelle local, Soulful Synergy LLC is a workforce development agency dedicated to creating equitable and sustainable communities. For almost a decade, Soulful Synergy has successfully run tailored recruitment and training programs that tap into the soul of communities and upskill local workforces for clean energy and other industrial jobs. Stay connected with our work on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook!


    Please submit your questions about the program and application process via the following form:

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